Our Radical Transparent Pricing leaves you feeling content and in control of the price.

Ever had a boiler quote with no prior breakdown of how much the parts cost, how much is profit to the company & left wondering if your being ripped off? That ends here.

AAA Heating undertake radical transparency in pricing jobs, we show you exactly how much the materials cost & don’t add mark up. We give you a set day rate for big installation jobs and set/hr for smaller jobs, so you know exactly where you stand. We have nothing to hide!

  • Standard Rate: £100/Hour (Monday – Friday/ 9-5)
  • Out Of Hours Rate: £165
  • Gas Boiler Servicing/Landlord Checks (Standard): £100
  • Gas Boiler Servicing (Full Stripdown) £135 + Required Manufacture’s Parts
  • Heating System Flush: £75/Radiator
  • Installation work (Not including boiler replacement): £350/Day
  • Boiler Replacements: £750/day
  • If you choose to pay via card/credit card – There is a bank charge of 3% put on top of the invoice. Prices do not include VAT*


Typical 10 Year Warranty Boiler Installation – Straight Swap – Horizontal Flue (No additional Pipework Required):

  1. Boiler: Ideal Vogue 26 £799 +VAT
  2. Horizontal Ideal Flue: £56+ VAT
  3. Ideal Filter: £89+VAT
  4. Nest 3rd Gen Learning Thermostat: £159.99 + VAT
  5. Nest Stand: £24.99

= £1354.78

10% For Fittings & Pipework = £135.47

= £1490.25

Boiler Installation Cost: £750

= £2240.25

Typical Installation Costs vary, ranging from £1800-£3500 due to additional gas upgrade, condense pumps, condense soakaways, Thermostatic radiator valves required, size of boiler, make of boiler, warranty included (2-10 years) outlet of flue (Vertical costs more) these include roofers charge for installation.

What does your money contribute towards?

Typical Breakdown of your £750 we take for installation:

cash breakdown

Contact us today with your enquiry about an installation or boiler fault. Never be left wondering if you are ripped being ripped off again & contact AAA Heating, here!

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